Jennifer in Bs As

Constantly looking for “the other city” I have traveled from New York to Buenos Aires to determine if this place is good for artists in terms of space, affordability, and stuff happening…

I’ve sublet a large, clean apartment in Colegiales for six weeks in the dead of summer. While here I plan to learn español at least to the point of being comfortable speaking it, improving my tango steps, err, at least to the point of being comfortable in public, and having some down-time to work on some photos, drawings, and videos. My side hobby is food and cooking and I’m equally excited to shop in supermarkets as I am to shop in shoe stores. So, there will be some commentary on food, too.

This is me, looking cool, so no one will recognize me:



2 responses to “Jennifer in Bs As

  1. sup po po! looks like you’re having an amazing and warm time in BA….can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back


  2. Hi Jennifer
    In your blog you wrote about your Trippen sandals. I’m a great fan of them. What model do you have? Do you still wear them? Where did you buy hem? If you are German I can write you in german too.
    Kind regards


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