2nd to Last Tango in Baires

On Wednesday night I went to a tiny Buenos Tangos class at Club Indepencia (572) which was fine– worked on sacadas with an Englishman who struck me as a nutty professor, then skipped over to 571 Peru to see El Afronte play, noticed a few people I didn’t feel like dancing with, so went back to Indepencia for Buenos Tangos/Unitango orchestra. By the time I got back to the Unitango event, the milonga there had gotten pretty small, although there was one of the big daddy dancers there, older, bald with ponytail, hulking about. I’d seen him around, mostly at img_5480Canning dancing with a cuuute brunette, so was naturally terrified of him. He sort of kept me in his line of vision as I grabbed a table, changed into my shoes, went to the baño, which is distinguished as “nice” because usually they are toilet paperless dumps, went the to bar etc etc. sort of trying to say “chill out dude let me get comfortable.” But golly, this guy really wanted to dance. Really strong telepathic message, coming, er, from over there.

Taking a breath, I turn, nod, and join him on the dance floor where he proceeds to take me for a RIDE. He had a really powerful, strong, yet warm embrace (Porteño with force) and a penchant for crouching under my stepping foot and flinging it outward, as if it were his. (This was okay because we were the only people dancing and could disobey feet-on-the-floor tango rule… plenty of space here tonight.) It was really fun to follow him, as much as I could. He gave me a lot of time between steps for decorations, which was fun, and ended songs with really hot little leggy poses, some that lifted me off the ground… and then gave me the best comment of my life: “do you have a deafness… problem?” (imagine thick Porteño accent) and I say, why yes I do, and he says “because you are very sensitive to the music.”


I hear the bottom third of music, the bass tones, so I think because musically I don’t get confused by the higher notes, I tend to focus my attention on the lows; I feel them. Furthermore, the orchestra was really nice, playing Piazzolla and Pugliese that I could recognize somewhat. Maybe this isn’t especially complex but his comment made me feel good, and made for an encouraging evening, and a noted progress on my dancing in general.


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