Cocktails, Dinner, and Guessing Games at Damián’s

img_5197On Friday night, Damián made dinner for some friends at his beautiful apartment. I decided my contribution to the affair would be an attempt to bring a little  Audrey Saunders to Buenos Aires and make some fruity cocktails for these Malbec drinkers. Not as easy as it sounds!

At the store, I quickly ascertained that anything imported to Argentina will cost disproportionately more than something “industria Argentina” (read the label, folks), so I had to work with what Argentina offered me while transgressing the ubiquitous availability of wine. Mum, Meaghan, Grammy Ro, check this out:  a bottle of Grey Goose is $239 pesos while Hiram Walker vodka from somewhere in Argentina is an easy $10 pesos. Cointreu is locked up in its own little cage with the Jaegermeister!

Hiram Walker was also smart enough to make whiskey and gin (brilliant man, who is he?) thinking I’d wow-em with some old-fashioneds, I procured some maraschino cherries, triple sec, and orange, but was astonished when I found that Angostura bitters ran for about $50 pesos. Americans interested in visiting Argentina, nota bene! Bring some bitters!

img_5230 img_52151 img_52103

So what do I do? Everyone drinks grapefruit soda here (I love this especially when dumped into some beer) so I used a little of this in some homemade lemonade (fresh squeezed lemons, simple syrup, tonic water, a little seltzer), added to some of the Hiram Walker’s vodka. Over ice, with some lime to make it pretty it quite nice and very refrescante in this humidity. And also masked the difference between Mr. Walker’s concoction and Grey Goose…

The peaches are perfect this time of year, and Damián has an immersion blender, so we also made some nice Bellinis. So much for transgressing wine.

Anyway, everyone got drunk and started to play this game:


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